Ducted Evaporative Cooling


For most of us growing up, if we were lucky enough to have air conditioning in WA through the hot summer, it was the trusty ducted evaporative cooler that helped us through those long, hot nights. And today, Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning is still a popular choice for many families and homes across the South West, with improved technology and efficiency.

You can choose from the best brands and be assured that you are installing the world’s coolest, energy efficient systems available, with Australian-made brands and the latest touch pad technology.

When you’re looking for whole house ducted evaporative air conditioning installation, fitted by quality, qualified technicians, you can trust Kenworthy Refrigeration with a great choice of options.

Some of the benefits for choosing ducted evaporative air conditioning are:

  • Less expensive to install than other air conditioning options, such as Ducted Reverse Cycle or individual Reverse Cycle Split Systems in every room
  • Quiet operation – perfect for a great night’s sleep
  • Whole house cooling – you can have an outlet in every room - often not practical if choosing wall-mounted Reverse Cycle Split Systems
  • 100% fresh air is ducted into and efficiently filtered through the house
  • Running costs can be as little as just 10% of what it costs to run a Ducted Reverse Cycle system. Think light bulb! Today’s efficient systems can run for a similar cost as just turning on a light.

For those of you considering this highly efficient way to cool your house, it’s important to be fully informed, so you should also be aware of some of the drawbacks to ducted evaporative air conditioning systems:

  • Less efficient in humid or rainy weather, compared to Ducted Reverse Cycle
  • Uses water to ‘cool’ and on hot days can use several litres per hour

Repairs & Maintenance

As with all air-conditioning products, regular annual maintenance is required on all ducted evaporative systems to keep everything in peak working order. Kenworthy Refrigeration has fully licensed and accredited refrigeration mechanics to assist with your maintenance requirements and to come to your rescue, should any repairs be necessary.

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